Do You Keep These Sleeves?

A lot of movies and video games seem to come with cardboard sleeves around the plastic cases. These seem like something to hold additional materials, or maybe as a box for multiple discs (such as a season of a TV show). More often than not I end up with boxes that are just for a single movie in a single case. Maybe they help the movie stand out on a shelf in a store?

What do you think? Do you keep these sleeves? Do you keep your cases at all?

2 Replies to “Do You Keep These Sleeves?”

  1. I actually keep my sleeves. In fact, if I know a DVD comes in a sleeve, yet the only copies on the shelf have had the sleeves removed, I won’t buy the movie. See, I feel like I want to get my money’s worth out of the thing. In many cases, you only get sleeves if it’s a deluxe and/or 2-disc version of a film. These tend to be more expensive. Even if that sleeve cost the studio a fraction of a cent, I still believe that fraction is being passed on to me. Plus, I like small spaces, so maybe I just like to think the DVD case is cozy within its sleeve. Anyway, long story short, I keep the sleeves.

  2. Its number two on my sick fetish list, right behind autoerotic asphyxiation with a live gold fish in my mouth. That being siad I won’t have you denigrate these sleeves any further.


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