Episode Fourteen: Complex Legal Issues – (1:35:46) 54.82 MB
Zac and Adam welcome Sarah Rattle to the table! The intent was to interview her, but somehow she ended up interviewing us for most of the show. We also discuss Twitter, Colin Quinn, TMNT, lawyers, and then finally how Sarah started doing stand up comedy.

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Ten Years Gone:  We discuss the lighter side of being trapped in a basement for a decade!  Zac Shipley and Adam Gardner are joined by Will West of http://www.williambrucewest.com/ for a discussion of all the random pop culture events and minutia that someone out of the loop for a long time would need to catch up on.


This episode is explicit, not really in tone or language but in subject matter.  Obviously the women captured for a decade deserve respect, this podcast is merely taking the concept and setting and assuming the least essential details like whether they’d seen Avengers or if they would understand an Android phone.


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Here is the zero episode of my new podcast. one week ‘til one.


Unconventional convention coverage! Adam heads to PAX East, Zac goes to the MidWest Gaming Classic.

But before we get to fun and games, its all business when Adam has to defend himself against a youtube show that called him out.

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I had to start thinking about how the new show would be sent to iTunes and the description I submitted was “A freight train of $#!+ without brakes” and needless to say I don’t have an iTunes feed yet.

This week we seek a friend for the end of the world, answer listener requests, and head to the minus would. Special Guest: Ernie!