Move to Plan B

Last night while playing a rousing round of Team Slayer in Halo 2 on Xbox live, a friend of mine noted that out matched team mate was dropping the N word a little too freely and harping on our friends on the opposing team. That wouldn’t stand, so he initiated Plan B.

Plan B means killing the team mate until either he leave or he boots you out of the game. While not exactly good for your records, it is more fun that simply reporting them. And this week’s update on clearly states the ban hammer is coming down on players who don’t play fair, and that includes cheaters and bad attitudes.

Its almost nice how facist and regulated Xbox Live is, when they try to keep everything clean unlike the real internet where you don’t say whatever you want so much as other people say whatever they want to you as long as it offends you.

Its been too long

its been over a year since I kept any kind of personal journal. I felt the time for that had passed anyway. And with my websites in a state of flux right now, its hard to say if they’ll be able to stay online in any of the capacity they were at one point.

So I’m going to try this as a creative outlet, or really just a place to write again. Will it work? who knows.