Midwest Gaming Classic

Greetings Shitty Best Friends!

If you’re reading this its because I sent you the link to this page and I want you to consider coming to the Midwest Gaming Classic. It runs April 13-15 in 2018 in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

What is it?
MGC is a massive weekend long convention covering all eras of gaming. Literally thousands of games available to play. Mechanical Pinball, consoles games, arcade machines, reproductions, one of kind machines, table top RPGS, and more. There is never a dull moment. You’re not left wondering “What do we do to kill times until ____ happens?” at any point. It is a hands on museum, with tournaments also scheduled through the weekend. Note, this show isn’t much like PAX, don’t expect to find massive booths with modern games on display. Local Nintendo reps show up and give out swag, but that is about it. It is mostly a DIY, independent affair.

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Of course there is also a big vendor area with carts, discs, shirts, parts for arcade machines, and more on sale. Historically, there has been live music in the vendor tent, I’ve been assured by the organizers that concerts will continue at the new location as well. A few panels and live podcasts, but those tend to be secondary as far as I’m concerned.

In 2018 the show will move to the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee. This is a huge space with two adjoining hotels. Walking distance to many places to eat and drink and the Bronze Fonz.


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I will also point you do a testimonial written by my friend Paul when he went with me last year and this year.

Other stuff
If we end up making this a long weekend, Milwaukee is a cool city with quite a lot to do. Some stuff I recommend includes the Milwaukee Art Museum (featured in Transformers 3), touring the many, many breweries in Milwaukee, and the historic third ward.
For something more active there is CMP Tactical Laser Tag, which supports 20+ players in a converted warehouse with objective based games. It is an exhausting thrill climbing on rooftops and turning down dark alleys with a rifle in hand guiding a team to victory.

The Hilton and Hyatt both are operating as official hotels. Tickets are $55 for the weekend to the actual show, buy them online.

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