Changing Of The Guard

In any Transformers collection, you’re going to end up switching out older figures for more modern ones to keep up with the continuity of the display.

toy credits:
Orignal Jazz to Generations Jazz
Cybertron Blurr to Generations Blurr
Original Kup to Generations Kup
Cybertron Dirge to Generations Dirge
25th Anniversary Cyclonus to Reveal The Shield Cyclonus
Titanium Scourge to Generations Scourge
Added Generations Wreck Gar
Added Revenge Of The Fallen Lockdown

piano interpretation of the Transformers theme “Dare” performed by Vince Dicola.

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  1. […] had all but given up, but then found them at the same time I picked up Perceptor (a mere week after changing of the guard). This video was kind of a rush, not something I planned much ahead of time. I decided that since I […]


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