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Dear Kotaku

Dear Kotaku,

We had a good run. I’m deleting the bookmark to this site after this post. Not saying I’m never reading again, but am saying this article is going to keep me from coming back regularly.

Brian Ashcraft writing 1500 words about dicks is not games, its not news, its not even journalism. I understand you want to have a certain amount of new content every day, but this is pushing it.

I fully support the exercise of putting stuff related to gamers’ interests on the site in hopes of broadening the readership and introducing readers to new things like movies, music, art, comics, etc.

But the fact of the matter is: there are plenty of dicks on the internet. In fact, google shows 222 million results for the word “penis.” Thats enough. I know where to find a penis on my own, and there are much better resources dedicated to learning about them and their place in culture.

Have a nice day.


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