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TV Diary

What I’m watching on TV all day.  ALL DAY, SON.

I’m taking a page right out of the book of narrowcast here, but he created a template that is easier to follow than what I used to do.

New Girl

Schmidt.  Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt.  Nick and Winston and yes, even Jess, are all good reasons to watch this show.  But Schmidt is clearly the Kramer of this group.  My Seinfeld comparison doesn’t end there though, since I think Zooey’s Jess is an integral part of the show that keeps it all together just like Jerry did, but you tune in for the friends more than the title character each week.  Winston seems a bit under used but when he is doing something other than playing the straight man foil against Nick or Schmidt’s antics each week, he more than earns his place on this show.

I honestly thing New Girl is one of the if not THE funniest shows on TV right now.  Its at Workaholics level.  Its at Parks & Rec level.  Its HILARIOUS.

Duck Tales

I’ve watched the first 65 episodes via Amazon Prime over the last 2 weeks and am shocked at how well it holds up.  I kinda talked about it on the most recent NTR podcast so I’ll leave it there.

The Americans

I couldn’t tell you why I’m able to keep up with this series while a dozen other hour long cable series seem to elude me.  I guess I miss Alias and saw a new show about spies and jumped right in.  I kinda like that I’m not rooting for anyone here.  I know thats old hat for cable series, but like I said, I never seem to make time for those shows before.  Russian spies are not the good guys.  The FBI agent is not the good guy.  Their leaders are not the good guys either.

Bob’s Burgers

Did I say New Girl was the funniest show?  Maybe just live action.  The recent “Mad Pooper” episode was inspired.  The side plot of Gene turning into Bob was worthy of holding a show on its own.

Top Gear

I appreciate that the new episodes from the BBC are airing here on BBC America only a week later. But considering how many episodes I’ve missed over the years, I still like watching the old ones.  I’m not sure if this is a comedy show or a reality series or a talk show or news or whatever, but it is definitely on TV and doesn’t require a lot of car knowledge to jump in and really enjoy.  Mad challenges, races, verbose car reviews, and gorgeous cinematography.  

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