Toy Shelves

I had a party (you weren’t invited) last week and it gave me a good reason to clean up my toy displays and make some adjustments.
Thanks to the decline in Disney Infinity, I went whole hog and bought about as many of these figures as I possibly could find. I’m still missing a few I’d like to get, but the two shelves I have now sport a complete Marvel and complete Star Wars collection. My toy vice has never been either of those properties, so this was a fun itch to scratch and while it is disappointing we won’t get any more of these figures (especially considering the leaks of near complete but unproduced figures) It is calming and comforting to know this collection is done and I’ll never have to buy another one. Plus if I ever decide to sell it a few years from now I’ll actually be able to get a few bucks for it. Maybe. Probably not. One of the reasons this line died is over production.

The risers were an inspired choice. This dark wood bookshelf I’ve had for a decade and was a cheapo pickup at Walmart. Since I’ve got so many figures under 6 inches it doesn’t make sense any more. I’ll replace it sooner or later, but these little shelves are supposed to be for kitchen cabinets for spices. I bought 2 sets of 2 and still have one of them in (which I’ll probably put in the spice cabinet). They’re cheap, about $17 for a set but allow the toys to sit a little higher. This is more pronounced in the Transformers shelf where I’ve got some figures that are 3-5 inches tall and others that 9-12.

IMG_5003Trying to find a theme for Transformers has been hard. About a year ago I decided I wanted to just try for (modern) figures of character from the 1986 animated movie. Additions like Devastator and the recent Galvatron help fill that out along with Bumblebee and Prime I’ve had for a decade.
So the lower shelf is a lot of characters from that movie. I tossed the 2000 DVD release on the back shelf between Prime and Galvatron to emphasize. Top shelf is a lot of bigger figures and some lineups from the comics. Clearly the combiners won’t fit on the lower shelf and Devastator, Menasor, and Superion were a big part of the Combiner Wars comic so they’re all up there. Bruticus isn’t a movie character OR a comics character but he’s the best of the combiner toys so he gets to stay. That white “Battle Core” Optimus Prime I’ll eventually get stickers to convert to a Nova Prime. Starscream is positioned center with Rattrap and Scoop, honoring what is perhaps the most bizarre re-writes of characters I’ve ever read.


I tossed together a play list and hit shuffle for this party. We made it one song before someone turned it off and put cartoons on for the kids. Oh well. I get excited for stupid shit like this and it kind of crushed me to not listen to music. I’ve got no where else to put this so, enjoy. I just did a quickie itunes -> spotify conversion so theres probably 30 tracks that won’t work, skip around.

Good Journey

We recorded a podcast that serves a commentary track for Masters Of The Universe. yes, the old He Man movie from 1987 with Dolph Lundgren and Courtney Cox. Available for download and streaming here.
Want to watch a video preview? Here are 3 minutes from around the middle of the movie where we discuss the effectiveness of their weaponry.

Transformers / Dark Side Of The Moon

Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I got it in my head to bridge the two trailers for Transformers Dark Of The Moon together with “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd from the similarly named album Dark Side Of The Moon.

I’m pleased with the results and may create a more cleverly edited video later once the movie is on DVD. As it stands I kept a lot of the trailers’ original cuts, only slicing out a closeup of Shia and the text announcing names and narration. Re-watching it, theres a split second of silence transitioning from the two songs that bugs me, something I’ll fix when I can make a video with more footage.

My redub videos never get much attention, even if I like doing them. Oh well.

Proud Podcasting

The podcast for Powet, better known as The Powetcast, has been running a little over 2 years now. I hosted off an on during 2010, and then took over as permanent host this year. There were problems that were not really the fault of either Logan or Sean (previous hosts) nor of the cast that assembled each week. We just had too much to say and it just takes time for a group to get comfortable talking, especially when we don’t normally see each other and record over skype.

But I’m really proud of this one. I think it turned out well, and its another step in the right direction that I started 2 months ago. So I’d say now is a good time to subscribe, as its finally good enough to recommend to some one that doesn’t read the site already, and will get better from here.
Listen live on this page, or subscribe via RSS or iTunes.
Direct Link MP3: Powetcast 52: Nothing To Win

five against one

Pearl Jam – VS. / Vitalogy / Live In Boston 1994
For a very long time, Pearl Jam was my favorite band. I don’t listen to them nearly as much now, but I can’t really think of any band I like better. I listened a little to each of the original albums in the car, but went straight for the live disc when I got home.
“Immortality” is in an early and unfinished state. It sounds like it doesn’t have an ending.
Still, when I got to “Spin The Black Circle” in the car, I found myself at full volume, howling the words. Its nice to have something so dear to my younger self brought back to life. These CDs have never been far, but a remaster gives me another reason to listen to them. Its not a bold remix like the one included with TEN, but I guess it sounds better or something. With the speakers in clip, its hard to tell.

Listen? Immortality