Tuff Tank

Our recent podcast about Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” made me think that my favorite 2 shows also have really incredible music. So I just tried reversing them. Venture Bros now has the “Tank!” theme from Bebop, edited slightly to it VB’s shorter intro. Cowboy Bebop has a chunk of the extended Venture Bros ending theme “Tuff” taken from the VB soundtrack released with the Season 3 Bluray.

Good Journey

We recorded a podcast that serves a commentary track for Masters Of The Universe. yes, the old He Man movie from 1987 with Dolph Lundgren and Courtney Cox. Available for download and streaming here.
Want to watch a video preview? Here are 3 minutes from around the middle of the movie where we discuss the effectiveness of their weaponry.

Transformers / Dark Side Of The Moon

Instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour, I got it in my head to bridge the two trailers for Transformers Dark Of The Moon together with “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” by Pink Floyd from the similarly named album Dark Side Of The Moon.

I’m pleased with the results and may create a more cleverly edited video later once the movie is on DVD. As it stands I kept a lot of the trailers’ original cuts, only slicing out a closeup of Shia and the text announcing names and narration. Re-watching it, theres a split second of silence transitioning from the two songs that bugs me, something I’ll fix when I can make a video with more footage.

My redub videos never get much attention, even if I like doing them. Oh well.


Another video for powet.tv
Power Core Combiners have been a wholly unintersting sub line of Transformers since they first popped up last year. They include absolutely 0% of classic characters, 0% comic characters, 0% movie characters, 0% cartoon characters. That adds up to 100% of nobody in this line of nobodies.
But I gave one set a chance anyway, since they were Dinobots. Not the real Dinobots, but some Dinobots.

I spent a long time actively searching for them. Some stores would have 3 dozen PCC sets on the shelf, and I would dig through every one to try and find Grimstone. Several times local fans tipped me to the set being on various shelves in certain stores, but I got no luck. By April of this year I had all but given up, but then found them at the same time I picked up Perceptor (a mere week after changing of the guard). This video was kind of a rush, not something I planned much ahead of time. I decided that since I had built up this set for so long and was finally opening it, I’d either capture excitement or disappointment. Its a shame it was more the latter.